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Hellborn Playlist 28.12.2015

Amorphis - Under The Red Cloud
Deathrite - Mayhem Remains
Mutoid Man - Deadlock
AHAB - The Isle
Grave - Plain Pine Box
Faith No More - Superhero
Torche - Loose Men
Blizzen - Strike The Hammer
Enslaved - Building With Fire
Ered - Nocturnal Revelation
LIK - Skin Necrosis
Ghost - Mummy Dust
Paradise Lost - An Eternity Of Lies
Napalm Death - Stubborn Stains
Bodyfarm - Dawn Of Defeat
Between The Buried And Me - Famine Wolf
Grimoire - Les Rumeurs Des Astres
Horrendous - The Nihilist
Swallow The Sun - 10 Silver Bullets

Hellborn Playlist 14.12.2015

Frozen Sun - Headtrip
Jungle Rot - Order Shall Prevail
Concept Of God - Past Perfect
Turbonegro - No, I'm Alpha Male
Bodyfarm - The Last Crusade
Unleashed -Immortals
Asesino - Maldito
Vhöl - Red Chaos
Revocation - Fields Of Predation
Lucifer - Morning Star
Horrendous - Ozymandias
The Arcane Order - Void Maker
Lindemann - Golden Shower
Kylesa - Crusher
Ghost - Cirice
Grave Ritual - Autonomous Death
Morkesagn - Heart Of Flame
Night Demon - Night Demon
Owens, Morse, Garcia, Mendoza, Appice - Santa Claus Is Back In Town

Hellborn Playlist 30.11.2015

Angelcorpse - Christhammer
Meshuggah - Obzen
Skeletal Remains - Antropophagy
Memory Garden - Hallowed Soil
Warhead - Carrie White
Pantera - Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
Death - Trapped In A Corner
Manowar - Metalwarrior
Venom - The Evil One
Mörbid Vomit - The Seed Of Human Scum
Hooded Menace - The Eyeless Horde
Soilwork - Neurotica Rampage
Today Is The Day - The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself
Clutch - X-Ray Vision
Helheim -Raunijar
Marduk - Headhunter Halfmoon
Slough Feg - Hardworlder
October 31 - Meet The Maker
Mastodon - Ol'e Nessie
Trans-Seberian Orchestra - Forget About The Blame

Hellborn Playlist 16.11.2015

Motörhead - Overkill
DAD - A New Age Moving In
King Hitter - King Hitter
Malevolent Creation - Manic Demise
Undergang - Lemlæstelsens kunst
Otargos - Chariots Ov The Godz
Antropofago - God Ov Fire
Dehuman - Obedience To Pestilence
The Negation - Parasite Fail
Swallow The Sun - Rooms And Shadows
Worthless - Perpetual Funerals
Cliteater - Daryl Rhea
Dead - Tits
Avantarium - The January Sea
Candlemass - Seven Silver Keys
DrillerKiller - Wanne Be`s
All Pigs Must Die - Death Dealer
Passiv Dödshjälp - Fasader
Katalepsy - Cold Flesh Citadel
This Ending - Instigator Of Dead Flesh
Deceased - Doomed By The Living Dead (Mercyful Fate Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 02.11.2015

Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction
Mammoth Storm - Vultures Prey
Wolfheart - Aeon Of Cold
Malevolent Creation - Blood On The Fallen
Agalloch - I Am the Wooden Doors
Mustasch - Down To Earth
High On Fire - Fertile Green
Loudblast - Ascending Straight In Circles
Deserted Fear - Bury Your Dead
Der Weg Einer Freiheit - Zeichen
Napalm Death - How The Years Condemn
Black Sabbath - God Is Dead?
Agathocles - Who Cares
Malignant Tumour - Animal As A Present
Birdflesh - Fight Fire With Fireman
Cult Of Luna - Leave Me Here
Wizard Rifle - Frazetta
Deicide - In Hell I Burn
Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown

Hellborn Playlist 19.10.2015

Entombed - Left Hand Path
Agrimonia - While Life Lies
Hierophant - Sadismo
Grave - Flesh Before My Eyes
Obituary - Til Death
Cruciamentum - Collapse
Endseeker - Deployment Of The Aroused
Withered Beauty - Lies
Nifelheim - Storm Of The Reaper
Valient Thorr - Disappearer
Dew Scented - Soul Poison
Agathocles - Pricks At Gigs
Sanitys Dawn - Slaves
AHAB - The Isle
Cattle Decapitation - Pacific Grim
Soul Demise - Obedience To Authority
Limbonic Art - Moon In The Scorpio
Hellborn Playlist 05.10.2015

Korn - Blind
Coffins - Tyrant
Evocation - Divine And Conquer
The Pineapple Thief - Alone At Sea
Star Gazer - Old Tea
Nun Slaughter - I Hate Christians
My Dying Bride - And My Father Left Forever
Pissgrave - The Second Sorrowful Mystery
The Black Dahlia Murder - Asylum
Lake Of Tears - Raven Land
Deserted Fear - Forging Delusions
Eis - Am Abgrund
Master - Demon
Vader - Chaos
Temple Of Baal - Lord Of Knowledge And Death
VI - La Terre Ne Cessera De Se Consumer.
Age Of Woe - King Of Thieves

Hellborn Playlist 21.09.2015

Bolt Thrower - Contact - Wait Out
At The Gates - Eater Of Gods
Indesinence - Nostalgia
Slayer - Repentless
Traitor - Toxic Death
S.O.D. - Kill The Assholes
Terror 2000 - Metal Mosh Massacre
Thornesbreed - Horns Ov Gaia
Old Mans Child - Agony Of Fallen Grace
Six Feet Under - The Night Bleeds
Orkan - Brende, Brufr, Svart Metal
Taake - Orkan
Nashgul - The Trip / Parasito
Sinister - The Kill To Come
Virgin Steele - Mind, Body, Spirit
Noisem - Replant And Repress
Black Breath - Seed Of Cain
Between The Buried And Me - Node / The Coma Machine

Playlist Hellborn 07.09.2015
Meshuggah - Paralysing Ignorance
Kill Devil Hill - War Machine
Secrets Of The Sky - Angel In Vines
Lik - Le Morte Homme
Iron Maiden - The Man Of Sorrows
Amorphis - The Four Wise Ones
The 3rd Attempt - We Defy
Lucifers Child - A True Mayhem
Skinless - Skinless
Milking The Goatmachine - No More Space In Herd
Bulldozing Bastard - Go Fuck Yourself
Age Of Woe - No Remorse
Korp - Demon - Reborn
Kampfar - Mylder
Nightbringer - Et Nox Illuminatio Mea in Deliciis Meis
Mutoid Man - Bridgeburner
Nekromantheon - Point Of No Return
Skepticism - Momentary

Playlist Hellborn 24.08.2015
Neurosis - Black
Rebel Meets Rebel - Cherokee Cry
Avulsed - Horrified By Repulsion
Black Trip - Danger
Shape Of Dispair - Desending Fields
Cattle Decapitation - Manufactured Extinct
Revocation - Madness Opus
Blaze Of Perdition - Into  The Void Again
Azavantar - KAOS
Illdisposed - Illdispunk`d
Hate Eternal - Pathogenic Apathy
AHAB - The Thing That Made Search
Fear Factory - Dielectric
Lividity - Surrounded By Disgust
Murder Squad - Unsane Insane And Mentally Deranged
King Diamond - Digging Graves

Hellborn Playlist 10.08.2015

Anvil - Metal On Metal
Paradise Lost - Gothic
Hellyeah - Hellyeah
Istapp - Frostbiten
Thyrfing - Veners Förfall
Ramming Speed - Grinding Dissent
Criminal - Walking Dead
Hellfueled - Let Me Out
Iommi - Dopamine
Bombs Of Hades - The Last Gateway
Deathride - Determinated To Rot
Kyle Gass Band - Bro Ho
Pro-Pain - Dont Kill Yourself To Live
Body Count - Born Dead
Avulsed - Cradle Of Bones
Gojira - Oroborus
Keep Of Kalessin - Vengeance Rising
Portal - The Back Wards
Gorgasm - Masticate To Dominate
Enforcer - Diamonds
Howl - You Jackals Beware
Ghost - I'm A Marionette (ABBA Cover)


Hellborn Playlist 27.07.2015

Overkill - Elimination
Grand Magus - Hammer Of The North
Dimension Zero - Your Darkest Hour
Cannabis Corpse - Shatter Their Bongs
Cut Up - Stab And Stab Again
Vinterland - Our Dawn Of Glory
Nagelfar - Seelenland
Dew Scented - Affect Gravity
Kataklym - Marching Through Graveyards
Lifeless - Seed Of Hatred
Hellish Crossfire - Night Of The Possessed
Crowbar - Symmetry In White
Brujeria - Anti Castro
Red Harvest - Hole In Me
Firespawn - The Emperor
Krisiun -Scars Of The Hatred
Fatalist - Internal Misery
Kayser - Like A Drunk Christ
Thergothon - Yet the Watchers Guard


Hellborn Playlist 13.07.2015

Therion - To Mega Therion
Kill2This - Frame By Frame
Carcass - A Wraith In The Apparatus
Napalm Death - Stubborn Stains
King Hitter - King Hitter
Abiotic - Falling into Obscurity
Enslaved - In Times
Nailbomb - For Fuck's Sake
Motörhead - (We Are) The Road Crew
Notorius - Act I (A Lion Is Born)
Sorcerer - The Dark Tower Of The Sorcerer
Maruta - Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth
Teethgrinder -  Hope In Death
Gerneral Surgery - Enforced Acceleration Disintegration Constant
Royal Thunder - Time Machine
Faith No More - Superhero
Killer Be Killed - Face Down
The Orange Man Theory - Satan Told Me I'm Right
Dream Theater - Constant Motion
Bronx Boys - Leichenzähler (Body Count Cover)


Hellborn Playlist 29.06.2015
Party.San Open Air Spezial (Mieze und Jarne zu Gast im Studio)
Mayhem - Freezing Moon
Kataklysm - Crippled And Broken (Live Party.San 2006)
Nuclear Assault - Radiation Sickness (Live)
Agalloch - Falling Snow
Aeternus - As I March
Deserted Fear - Call Me Your God
Soulburn - In Suffocating Darkness
Behemoth - Furor Divinus
Rotting Christ - Grandis - Spiritus Diavolos
Postmortem - Der Totmacher
Midnight - Satanic Royalty
My Dying Bride - My Body A Funeral
Cannibal Corpse - Sadistic Embodiment
Melechesh - Grand Gathas Of Baal Sin
Bloodbath - Total Death Exhumed
Samael - Baphomet's Throne
Secrets Of The Moon - Under A Funeral Moon(DarkThrone Cover)


Hellborn Playlist 15.06.2015

Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
Demonical -Throne of Perdition
The Afternoon Gentleman - Still By The Still
Goatsnake - Elevated Man
Monarch! - Die Die My Darling
Svalbard - Grayscale
Dissection- Starless Aeon
Ereb Altor - Nattramn
Paradise Lost - Victim Of The Past
Raging Speedhorn - Before The Sea Was Built
Northern - To Hell
Coffins - Buried Death
Graveyard(ESP) - Of He Who Sleeps
Decapitated Christ - Sabbath Of The Blind Dead
Deathrite - Kingdom
Nocturnal Witch - Black Star
Revel In Flesh - Graveyard Procession
Primordial - Come The Flood
Running Wild - Soldiers Of Hell
Testament - Trail By Fire
IXXI - A Bitter Lesson

Playlist 01.06.2015

Metallica - All Nightmare Long
Sinister - Bastard Saints
Jungle Rot - Gore Bag
Ered - Pestilent Black Fog
Paradise Lost - No Hope In Sight
Valborg - Comtesse
The Hirsch Effekt - Bezoar
At The Gates - Death And The Beyond
Marduk - The Blonde Bitch
Phobia - Extremity Of The Will
Roskopp - Toxic Shock
Pig Destroyer - Eve
Iskald - When Hell Freezes Over
Lord Belial - Lamia
Infesting Swarm - Ending
Tiamat - The scarred people
Obliteration - Goat Skull Crown
Mayhem - Fall Of Seraphs
Iron Maiden - Tribute feat. Lemmy - The Trooper
Tony Mills - My Death
Jack Frost - Lady In Black


Hellborn Playlist 18.05.2015

Sleep - Evil Gypsy/Solomon's Theme
Fulgora - Artifice
In Flames - Ever Dying
Ered - Nocturnal Revelations
Arcturus - Angst
Decapitated Christ - Those Who Walk Slowly
Naglfar - As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Night
Kisiun - The Great Execution
Hate - Festival Ov Slaves
Impaled Nazarene - Under Attack
Ereb Altor - Nifelheim
Dying Fetus - Shepherds Commandment
Dew Scented - Turn To Ash
God Dethroned - The Crown For The Morbid
Iron Savior - Mind Over Matter
Celtachor - Nuada Of The Silver Arm
In Vain - In The Midnight Hour
Asphyx - Os Abysmi Vel Daath (Celtic Frost Cover)


Playlist Hellborn 04.05.2015

Gorguts - Stiff And Cold
1000 Mods - Vultures
SixForNine - Sound Of Perfection
Infernal War - Coronation
Anal Vomit - Venganza Obscura
Defloration - Family Gore
Discreation - To Cosmic Shores
Heaven Shall Burn - Voice Of The Voiceless
Graveyard(ESP) - Faces Of The Faceless
Thy Primordial - The Conquest
Noctes - Twilight Elysium
Demonical - Return In Flesh
Gehenna - Master Satan
Isole - Dead to Me (The Destroyer Part I)
1000 Bombs - Napalm Spitters
Wehrmacht - You Broke My Heard (So I Broke Your Face)
Illdisposed - Sense The Darkness
Revolting -Fathoms Unto Forever
Negative Self - Self-Destruct... The Pain Never Ends
Infernal Torment - Product Of Society


Playlist Hellborn 20.04.2015

Metallica - The Four Horsemen
Nailgun Massacre - Boned, Boxed And Buried
Fateful Finality - Possession
In Solitude - In The Darkness
Blizzen - Strike The Hammer
Revel In Flesh - Graveyard Procession
Necropsy - Formal Absurdity
Minsk - Within And Without
Mastodon - High Road
Satyricon - Tro Og Kraft
Goatwhore - In Deathless Tradition
Skeletonwitch - This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)
Torch - Loose Men
Ghost BC - Monstrance Clock
The Atomic Bitchwax - Its Alright
Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution
Deeds Of Flesh - Celestial Serpents
Secrets Of The Sky - Sunrise
Free Fall - Power & Volume
Death - Painkiller (Judas Priest Cover)


Hellborn 06.04.15 

Type O Negative - Love You To Death
Hirax - Hellion Rising
Raise Hell - Not Dead Yet
The Resistance    - For War
Nasum - Stormshield
SIebenbürgen - Nattens väv
Anorexia 'Nervosa - Antinferno
Decapitated Christ - The One Who Marches Behind The Line
Psychotic Waltz - Into The Everflow
THroes Of Dawn - Vertigo
Internal Bleeding - The Visitant
Broken Hope - Womb Of Horrors
Grimoire -- Les Rumeurs des Astres
Nightwish - Shudder Before The Beautiful
Ghost Brigade - Disembodied Voices
Mumakil - Get Wasted Of Die
Terrorizer - Need To Live
The Kill - Blastasfuk
High On Fire - BLoody Knuckles
Textures - Denying Gravity
Dissection - Antichrist (Slayer Cover)
Cradle Of Filth - Hell Awaits (Slayer Cover)


Playlist 23.03.2015
Cannibal Corpse - She Was Asking For It
Hammers Of Misfortune - The Grain
UFO - The Killing Kind
Stillbirth - Chainsaw Throatcut
Graveyard (ESP) - Cult Of The Shadows pt1 I Am The Lord Of Spirits
Hemdale - Bathing In Mucus And Bile
Sadus - In The Name Of...
Moonspell - Breath (Until We Are No More)
Barren Earth - Chaos, The Songs Within
Tankard - A Girl Called Cerveza
Night Demon - Full Speed Ahead
Denial Of God - The Curse Of The Witch
Hecate Enthroned - The Pagan Swords Of Legend
Brimstone - Carving A Crimson Career
Skymning - Above
Potential Threat - Remember The Violence
Midnight - Prowling Leather
Hearse - Torch
Nightingale - Warriors Of The Dawn


Playlist 09.03.2015

Broken Hope - Swamped In Gore
The Forsaken - Deamon Breed
Incarceration - Forsaken And Forgotten
Old Mans Child - Felonies Of The Christian Art
Gorgoroth - Prayer
Child Bite - Molestation Of The Arts
Treedeon - Venus With Teeth
Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot Strangers
Grand Magus - Steel Versus Steel
Hypocrisy - Pleasure Of Molestation
Enslaved - Thurisaz Dreaming
Totenmond - Samenroh - Wird Kein Leben
Helrunar - Frostnacht
Galar - De Gjenlevende
Night Demon - Screams In The Night
Manowar- Thor (The Powerhead)
Graveyard Ghoul - Living Cemetery
Jig-Ai - Human Tofu
Symphony X - Dehumanized


Playlist 09.02.2015

Winter - Goden
Erdadicator - Of Ashes And Sand
Desultory - The Moment Is Gone
In Solitude - Pallid Hands
Aphonic Threnody - The Ghost's Song
Ripping Corpse - Anti God
Morbid Angel - Nothing But Fear
Hate Eternal - King Of Al Kings
Weak Aside - Siren
Cryptopsy - Red-Skinned Scapgoat
Traitor - Thrash Command
Victim - Blood Will Follow Blood
Acid Witch -Witchblood Cult
Krakow - Luminauts
Obscure Infinity - A Forlorn Wanderer
The Crown - Iblis Bane
Napalm Death - Stubborn Stains
Chapel Of Disease - Masquerade In Red
Behemoth - Carnage (Mayhem Cover)


Playlist 26.01.2015

Megadeth - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Hooded Menace - Chasm Of The Wraith
Inquisitor - Trail Of Denial
Nader Sadek - Carrion Whispers
Vinterland - A Winter Breeze
Trident - Shadows
Sempiternal Dusk - Streams Of Night
In Flames - Morphing Into Primal
God Dethroned - The Crown For The Morbid
Ancst - Ascetic/Entropie
Kataklysm - Frozen In Time
Iron Lamb - Smile Now Cry Later
Slough Feg - The Hunchback Of Notre Doom
Horrendous - Nepenthe
Daemonicus - We Feast On Your Flesh
Gadget - I Am
Jack Frost - California Dreaming (Beach Boys Cover)


Playlist 12.01.2015

Carcass - Oxidised Razor Masticator
Grave - Winds Of Chains
Christian Mistress - The Way Beyond
Symphony X - Serpents Kiss
Subliritum - Downfall Of Empathy
The Vintage Caravan - Expand Your Mind
Barren Earth - The Rain Begin
Trap Them - Sanitations
Converge - You Fail Me
Disgorge (Mex) - Rancid Bowel Sarcoma
Ulcerate - Vermis
Spiritual Beggars - Sweet Magic Pain
The Might Could - The Night They Shot Ol' Dixie Down
Asmodeus - Servitus In Aeternitatem
Skull Fist - Hour To Live
The Oath - All Must Die
Beastmilk - Death Reflects Us
At The Gates - The Language of the Dead
Ghost Brigade - Stones And Pillars

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