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Playlist 31.12.2008 18-21 Uhr

Metallica - All Nightmare Long
Heaven Shall Burn - Endzeit
Abysmal Dawn - Compulsory Resurrection
Warrel Dane - Let You Down
Testament - The Formation Of Damnation
Grand Magus - Iron Will
Satyricon - Black Crow On A Tombstone
Nachtmystium - Ghosts Of Grace
Isole - From Clouded Sky
Audio Kollapse - Gier
Asesino - Regresando Odio
Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire
Opeth - The Lotus Eater
Meshuggah - Obzen
Genghis Tron - Things Don`t Look Good
Facebreaker - Night Of The Burning Dead
Behemoth - Decade Of Therion (live)
Airbourne - Diamond In The Rough
ACDC - Skies On Fire
Motörhead - Teach You How To Sing The Blues
Unleashed - Hammer Battalion
Dismember - Under Bloodred Sky
Grave - Deathstorm
Evocation - Angel Of Torment
Mötley Crüe - Face Down In The Dirt
Burst - I Exterminate The I
Textures - Laments Of An Icarus
Bloodbath - Slaughering The Will To Live
Fuck The Facts - Apathy Is A Karma Killer/Golden Age
The Arson Project - Locust Swarm
Phobia - I Reject
Benediction - Dripping With Disgust
Deicide - Angel Of Agony
Hellsongs - Symphony Of Destruction

Playlist 31.12.2008 11-14 Uhr

Machine Head - Imperium
Down - On March The Saints
The Abominable Iron Sloth - Parasite Hilton And Other
Bewitched - Let The Blood Run Red
Altar - I Take
Exodus - Deathamphetamine
Viral Load - Corkscrewed Colon
Anata - Released When You Are Dead
Concept Of God - Past Perfect
Skyclad - The One Piece Puzzle
Mindfeed - My Heart Bleeds
Threshold - Slipstream
The Ocean - Orosirian
Spinal Tap - The Majesty Of Rock
Mötley Crue - Black Widow
Arthemesia - The Breeze Of Grief
Wynjara - Hypnotized Society
Skinless - The Optimist
Morgana Lefay - Rooms Of Sleep
Virgin Steele - Mind Body Spirit
Arch Enenmy - Silverwing
Enemy Target - Oath Of Allegiance
Genocide Superstars - Danger Danger
Krigshot - Billig Arbetskraft
Today Is The Day - The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself
Gehenna - Deadlights
Vinterland - Our Dawn Of Glory
Disgorge Mex - Pedigree
Blackshine - My Pain Is Your Pleasure
Gardenian - Powertool

Mastodon - Emerald (Thin Lizzy - Cover)

Playlist 22.12.2008

Sepultura - Mass Hypnosis
Jeff Scott Joto - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter.. ..To The Slaughter
Krux - Enigma EZB
Nifelheim - Storm Of The Reaper
The Crown - I Crawl
Entombed - Out Of Hand
Billy Idol - Yellin' At The Xmas Tree
Misery Index - We Never Came In Peace / Theocracy
Atheist - Piece Of Time
Gojira - From The Sky
Alice Cooper - Santa Claws Is Coming To Town
Kursk - Stalingrad
Malevolent Creation - Iced
Facebreaker - Night Of The Burning Dead
Dream Evil - Let The Killing Begin (Arch Enemy Cover)
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Vader - Dark Transmission
Carnal Decay - Chopping Of The Head
Disfear - Testament
Lemmy Kilminster - Run Rudolph Run
Gates of Ishtar - I Wanna Be Somebody


Playlist 08.12.2008

Pantera - Cementary Gates
The Claymore - The Angel's Assasssination
Tankard - Stay Thirsty!
Terminal Function - Dissolving Soul Fragments
Deathchain - Plaguethrone
Left To Vanish - Give Us Barabbas
Morbid Angel - Rapture
Keep Of Kallessin - Warmonger
Anael - She Is Ever A Moon
Orlog - Sturm
Aeveron - Take Heed Or Trust
Asmegin - Generalen Og Troldharen
Cradle Of Filth - Tragic Kingdom
Satyricon - Commando
Behemoth - Qadosh
Arch Enemy - The Book Of Heavy Metal (Dream Evil Cover)
Zimmers Hole - Doommaker (Old Mans Child Cover)


Playlist 24.11.2008

Dream Theatre - Pull Me Under
ACDC - Rock N Roll Train
The Carburetors - Rock'n'Roll Forever
Benea Reach - New Waters
The Modern Age Slavery - Damned To Blindness
Maruda - Idolized, The Destroy
Servered Saviour - Spoils Of War
Sothis - Obsidian Throne
Infinity - From The Eternal Sea He Rises
Audio Kollapse - Krieg
The Arson Project - Forsaken
Leng Tche - Misleading Innuendos
Fuck The Facts - Everyone Is Robbing The Dead
Metallica - Broken, Beat & Scarred
Soilwork - The Bringer
Deadlock - Mathyr To Science
Cheeno - Invisible
Slapshot - Kill our Parents
Edguy - Ministry Of Saints
Postmortem - Suffer
Guillotine - Skeleton City
Stuck Mojo - Country Road (John Denver Cover)


Playlist 10.11.2008

Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror
Gammy Ray - Valley Of The Kings (live)
Halford - The One You Love To Hate (live)
Khold - Hundre ar Gammel
Arkona - Zarnisi Nashei Svohodi
Enslaved - Ground
Exodus - Bonded By Blood
Six Feet Under - Death By Machete
Gojira - Vacuity
Estuary - Trans-Dimenisional Scourage
Cripper - Stike The Force
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - Such A Sick Boy
Krisiun - Murderer
Unleashed - Long Before Winter`s Call
Disfear - Get It Off
Cryptopsy - Soar And Envision Sore Vision
Phobia - I Reject
Oktober Tide - 12 Days Of Rain
Catamenia - Dominion
Paganizer - Just Here Rotting
Machine Head - Hallowed By Thy Name


Playlist 27.10.2008

Tiamat - Whatever That Hurts
Bloodbath - At The Behest Of Their Death
Zonaria - Praise The Eradiction
Thyrfing - Hels Vite
Black Anvil - L.T.H.L.T.K
Evocation - Dust
Battlelore - Third Immortal
Girlschool - From The Other Side
V8Wixxxer - Autobahn Arschloch
Snatchclub - Iron Rod At Toothlevel
Kill The Client - Cleptocracy
Malignant Tumour - In Full Swing
Cliteater - Mummiefied On Formaldehyde
Disaster KFW - Fear Is Our Crowd (Fuck Sauerkraut)
Korades - King Alkohol
Irate Architects - Sickening Dolor
Postmortem - Revelation
Asphyx - M.S. Bismarck
Desaster - Hellbangers
Enthroned - Evil Church
Lividity - Unrelenting Homicide Obsession
Behemoth - Christians To The Lions


Playlist 13.10.2008

Anathema - A Dying Wish
Abigail Williams -Into The Ashes
Infaust - Toteneiche
Eisregen - Das Letzte Haus Am Ende Der Einbahnstraße
Draugnim - Sworn To Waves
Machetazo - Catalepsia
Mumakill - Cloning The Pope
Nevermore - The Final Product
Randy Pipers Animal - Dont Wanna Die
Demians - Shine
Almah - Meaningless World
Voodoo Six - Walking On Nails
Silver - The Resignation Song
Girlschool - Everything Is The Same
Misery Index - We Never Come In Peace/Theocracy
Cradle Of Filth - Honey And Sulfur
Satyricon - Black Crow On A Tombstone
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Es Wird Schlimmer
Mortjuri - The Eye That Foresees
Sick - Wandering Star (Portishead Cover)


Playlist 29.09.2008

U.D.O. - Fast As A Shark (live)
Defloration - Barbie-Cue
Goddass - All I Die For
Trivium - Down From The Sky
Disturbed - Inside The Fire
Kampfar -Skogens Dyp
Hromovlad - Ohna Hlad, Vody Chlad
The Amenta - Spine
Goretrust - My Apocalypse
Scarred To Death - Deathstruction
Holy Moses - World In Darkness
Gorefest - Speak When Spoken To
The Red Chord - Antman
Walls Of Jericho - Another Day, Another Idiot
Evergreen Terrace - Wolfbiker
Omnium Gatherum - Nail
Helstar - The Plague Called Man
Dignity - Project Destiny
Isacaarum - Mao-Sochism
Kivimetsän Druidi - Blacksmith
Black Stone Cherry - Blind Man
Artas - Gangsters Paradise (Coolio Cover)


Playlist 15.09.2008

Type O Negative - My Girlfriends Girlfriend
Metallica - All Nightmare Long
Slipknot - Gematria (The Killing Name)
Lanfear - A Twin Phenomenon
Squealer - Thrasher
Benediction - DrippingWith Disgust
Scratched Surface - Break To Arise
Maruta - Behind The Steel Curtain
Psycroptic - Ob(Servant)
Magrudergrind - Heavy Bombing
Grandd Magus - Silver Into Steel
The Freaks - It Is Written
Gravdal - Selvmord
Aura Noir- Unleashed The Demon
Lord Belial - Sworn
Dimension Zero - I Can Hear The Dark
Burst - I Hold Vertigo
Black Shape Of Nexus - IV
Katra - Beast Within
Serenity - Rust Of Coming Ages
Volbeat - Maybellene I Hofteholder

Playlist 01.09.2008

S.O.D. - Kill Yourself
Motörhead - Teach You How To Sing The Blues
Thy Final Pain - My Temptation
Dragonforce - Heroes Of Our Time
Protest The Hero - Turn Soonest To The Sea
Terror 2000 - King Kong Song
Toxic Holocaust - Nuke The Cross
Blaze Bayley - The Man Who Would Not Die
Bullet - Dusk Till Dawn
Medeia - The Archetect
Cryptopsy - The Headsmen
Grave Desecrator - Rise To Destruction
Mental Horror - Denying The Scars
Orcivus - Unholy Canon
Fimbultyr - Gryende Tidevarv
Unholy Grave - Scumbag
Sober Truth - Soulless
Destruction - D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
Turbonegra - Prince Of Rodeo (Turbonegro Cover)


Playlist 18.08.2008

Pantera -
Misery Signals - Labyrinthian
Esoteric - Beneath This Face

Playlist 04.08.2008

Lake Of Tears - Raven Land
Raunchy - Warriors
Fleshgore - The Way Of Freedom
Sabaton - 40:1
Iced Earth - I Walk Among You
Fuck The Facts - Drving Through Fallen Cities
Grenouer - With No Concern
Netherbird - Carcass Symphony
Mortjuri - Mortjuri
Mötley Crüe - Saints Of Los Angeles
Sieges Even - When Alpha And Omega Collide (Live)
Inferia - The Flick
Paroxysm - Black Hole
Those Who Bring The Torture - When Humans And Axes Collide
Nex - Locate Zero
Agrypnie - Mauern
Daylight Dies - A Suptle Violence
Soulfly - Blood Fire War Hate
Agenda Of Swine - Stains Of Accountability
Hellsongs - Symphony Of Destruction


Playlist 21.07.2008
Party.san Spezial

Obituary - Slowly We Rot
Hail Of Bullets - Red Wolfs Of Stalin
Facebreaker -Night Of The Burning Dead
Defloration - Burn This World
Insision - By Habit
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Der Weg
Coffins - Cadaver Blood
Skyforger - Esat Ka Viri
Mock - Her Al Vikingum Black
Bolt Thrower - No Guts No Glory
Tyr - Brennivin
Impaled Nazarene - Planet Nararene
Legion Of The Damned - Slaughtering The Pigs
Unanimated - Life Demise
Purgatory - Chaos Aeon
Irate Architect - The Visitor
Lividity - Used, Abused And Left For Dead
Bloodbath - Eaten
Dismember - Pieces

Playlist 07.07.2008
Hells Pleasure Spezial

Edge Of Sanity - Angel Of Distress
Chrome Division - Booze, Broads, Beelzebub
Communic - Through The Labyrinth Of Years
Grave - ... And Here I Die...Satisfied
Demonical - Feeding The Armageddon
Mirror Of Deception - Haunted
The Warning - Echoes
Enthroned - Deny The Holy Book Of Lies
Zarathustra - Towards Perdition
Holy Terror - A Fool's Gold/Terminal Humor/Mind Wars
Lord Belial - Ancient Splendor
Melechesh - Rebirth Of The Nemesis
Pagan Altar - Pagan Altar
Grand Magus - Like The Oar Strikes The Water
Ressurection - Coward
Nachtmystium - Assassins
Boiler - Mütze Aus Mensch
Gates Of Ishtar - I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. Cover)


Playlist 23.06.2008
Wacken Spezial

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
3 Inches Of Blood - The Goatrider's Horde
Exodus - Scar Spangled Banner
Carcass - Heartwork
At The Gates - Blinded By Fear
Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot
Children Of Bodom - Everytime I Die
Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls
As I Lay Dying - Comfort Betrays
Hatebreed - Live For This
Nifelheim - Infernal Flame Of Destruction
Ensiferum - Ahti
Gorgoroth - Unchain My Heart (live)
Bloodbath - Ways To The Grave
Opeth - Heir Apparent
Airbourne - Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
The Haunted - Revelation
The Rotted - Kissing You With My Fists
Crematory - Tears Of Time
Mambo Kurt - South Of Heaven (Slayer Cover)


Playlist 09.06.2008
With Full Force Spezial

Accept - Metal Heart
Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood
Heaven Shall Burn - The Only Truth
Entombed - But Life Has Ceased
Illdisposed - Weak Is Your God
Mayhem - Funeral Fog
Rotting Christ - Fateless
Brutal Truth - Fucktoy
Belphegor - Diaboli Virtus In Lumbar Est
Machine Head - Ten Ton Hammer
Cavalera Conspiracy - Must Kill
Ministry - Just One Fix
Meshuggah - Obzen
Job For A Cowboy - Entombent Of A Machine
Madball - Behind These Walls
Agnostic Front - Fall Of The Parasite
Biohazard - Black And White And Red All Over
In Flames - Alias
Moonspell - Night Eternal
Primordial - Gallows hymn

Playlist 26.05.2008

Finntroll - Midnattens Widunder
Suidakra - A Menhirs Clay
Tyr - Gatu Rima
Concrete - Don't Disturbe My Circles
Blow Job - One Shot Left
Sotajumala - Tappaja Ja Tapettu
Headshot - Old Patterns
Davidian - Little Man
Perzonal War - Dying Face
AEBA - La Petite Morte/Geist der Dekadenz
Alghazanth - Moving Mountains
Gloria Morti - Evermorose
Airbourne - Stand Up For Rock'n'Roll
Brother Firetribe - I Am Rock
God Dethroned - Loyal To The Crown Of God Dethroned
Hollenthon - To Fabled Lands
Today Is The Day - My Wish Is Your Command
Jucifer - Behind Every Great Man
Headhunter - 18 And Life (Skid Row Cover)

Playlist 12.05.2008

Celtic Frost - Inner Sanctum
Opeth - Porcelain Heart
Machinery - Reason Is The Truth
Death Angel - Sonic Beatdown
Hail Of Bullets - Red Wolves Of Stalin
Wolves In The Throne Room - Vastness and Sorrow
Tiamat - The Temple Of The Crescent Moon
Moonspell - Night Eternal
Dustsucker - Land Of The King
Boris - BUZZ-IN
Grave - Deathstorm
God Dethroned - Stigma Enigma
Kalmah - Wings Of Blackening
Blackwinds - Flesh Inferno
Melt Banana - Blank Page Of The Blind
Victims - Destroy And Rebuild
Origin - The Aftermath
Atheist - Piece Of Time
Slit - ... Of Serpents
Uneartly Trance - Diseased
Cradle Of Filth – Temptation (Heaven 17 Cover)

Playlist 28.04.2008

Cathedral - Midnight Mountain
Ancient Existence - Cyclone
Stigmatized - One Mournig In War
Reflexion - Dead Without You
Her Whisper - Path Of Redeemer
Mar De Grises - Sleep Just One Dawn
Orphan Hate - Walk Straight
The Batalion - Detonate
Toxix Holocaust - Thrashing Death
Vicious Art - The Paulina Paw Paintings
Totenmond - Lucifer stampft
Flesh - Shatahan
Sathanas - Ar Deaths Command
Carach Angren - A Strange Presence Near The Woods
Adversam - Fog
Pharaoh - No Remains
Malpractice - Maze Of Inequity
Blood Of The Sun - Get Yours
Moonsorrow - For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica Cover)

Playlist 14.4.2008

Savatage - Turns To Me
Circle II Circle - Dead Of Dawn
Mercenary - Bloodsong
Martriden - The Enigma Of Fate
Xerion - Nocturnal Misantropia
Grind Inc. - Petrified Parasites
Holocausto Canibal - Amizade Falica
Telefoninterview mit Stephanie vom FTC
Deadborn - Pain Is God
Massacre - From Beyond
Houwitzer - Rage Inside The Womb
Poostew - Hypocrisy
Sterbehilfe - UGI
Spawn - Hemoglobin
Lay Down Rotten - Reconquering The Pit
Illdisposed - The Key To My Salvation
Treponem Pal - Planet Crash
Jenx - Hole
Textures - The Sun's Architect
Debauchery - Blood God Rising
Excrementory Grindfuckers - I like My Grindcore
Eläkeläiset - Jääkärihumppa (Europe Cover)

Playlist 31.03.2008

Judas Priest - Breaking The Law
To Resist Fatality - Morais Muted
September Murder - Mask Of Despair
Anemia - Stream Of Time
Badge Of Apathy - Alive
Meshuggah - Bleed
Heidevolk - Koning Radboud
Jack Slater - Töten
Irate Architects - The Visitor
Nasum - Bullshit(live)
Scar Symmetry - Artificial Sun Projection
Arsis - Shattering The Spell
Anemia - Nothing Is Harder Than Truth (21,8°)
Stinking Lizaveta - Scream Of The Iron Iconoclast
Jungle Rot - Let Them Die
Eluveitie - Bloodstained Ground
Badge Of Apathy - Dime Ya
Cliteater - Bruce Dick In Son
Elekelaiset - Humppasonni (Him Cover)

Playlist 17.03.2008 Regain Spezial

Iron Maiden - Killers
My Cold Embrace - The Isolaed Society
Moshquito - Desperate Thoughts
Illdisposed - The Tension
Disfear - The Cage
Total Devastation - Collisions Course
Saattue - Vieraaseen Multaan
Necrophobic - I Strike With Wrath
Sahg - Star-Crossed
In Flames - Stand Ablaze
Eucharist - Wounded And Alone
Dismember Interview1
Dismember - Europa Burns
Dismember Interview2
Rainbow - Kill The King
Dismember - Under A Bloodred Sky
Deranged - So Sweet So Death
Dimension Zero - Immaculate
Dissection - Elisabeth Bathori

Playlist 03.03.08

Anthrax - Indian
Zimmers Hole - Flight Of The Knight Bat
Orden Ogan - Reality Lost
King Leoric - Cry In The Night
Sahg - Pyromancer
Ophiolatry - Abyss Of Alienation
Hate Eternal - Thus Salvation
Invocation - Strenghtened
Asesino - Maldito
Cavalera Conspiracy - Sanctuary
Warbringer - Instruments Of Torture
The Scourger - Never Bury The Hatchet
Himsa - Big Timber
Dillinger Escape Plan - Partysmasher
The Secret - Memento Mori
War From A Harlots Mouth - Heey... Let's Start A Band!
Mayhem - Psychic Horns
Behexen - Deminic Fleshtemple
Sideblast - Pattern Of Life
Norther - Down
Ministry - Black Belly

Playlist 18.02.2008

Testament - The Haunting
Dismember - Under A Bloodred Sky
Harlots - Full Body Contortion
Heaven Shall Burn - Like A Thousand Suns
Heaven Shall Burn - Black Tears (Edge Of Sanity Cover)
The Acacia Strain - Demolishor
Aborted - Odious Emanation
Protector - Golem
Heaven Shall Burn - Endzeit
Volbeat - Radio Girl
Korades - King Alcohol
Spawn - Hemoglobin
Sepultura - Inner Self
Skeletonwitch - Beyond The Permafrost
In Aeternum - Curse Of Devastation
21 Lucifers - Violence
Vanmakt - Singuine Craving
Moshquito - Behind The Mask
Heaven Shall Burn – Coversong

Playlist 04.02.2008

Death - Spirit Crusher
Made Of Hate - Bullet In Your Head
Draconian - When I Wake
Coogans Bluff - Suck My Balls
Kayser - Noble Is Your Blood
Volbeat - Rebel Monster
Auspex - Phantoms
Satariel - Slithering
Suicidal Wings - Annihilation Chaos
Facebreaker - Night Of The Burning Dead
The Monolith Deathcult - Master Of The Bryansk Forests
Heaven Shall Burn - A Dying Ember
Neaera - Sperheading The Spawn
Baroness - Isak
Municipal Waste - Born To Party
Korades - Keep It Angry
Insect Warfare - Human Trafficking
My Grain - This Perfect Chaos
Beyond The Void - Faminine
Grave - Them Bones ( Alice In Chains Cover)

Playlist 21.01.2008

Bolt Thrower - Behind Enemy Lines
Dark Age - Outside The Inside
Protest The Hero - Bloodmeat
Too Pure To Die - Bad Luck
Dead To This World - Goatpower
Legion Of The Damned - Slaughtering The Pigs
Paradox - Second Over Third By Force
Stuck Mojo - Southern Born Killers
Thrudvangar - Heimwärts
Nonexistence - Descending Horizons
Illdisposed - Now We're History
Obituary - Final Thoughts
Holy Moses - Clash My Soul
Toxocara - The Connate Conflict
Impaled Nazarene - You Don't Rock Hard
Faceshift - Reality/Fatality
Lost Dreams - Infernal Voice
Burning Butthairs - Skinless
Deranged - Death Walks On High Heels
Antigama - Only
Atrocity - Relax (Cover Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
Northern Kings - Sledgehammer (Cover Peter Gabriel)

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